Abstract of a multidisciplinary faculty intended to welcome people aware of their intrinsic motivations.

At the Faculty of Variables each student, researcher, professor, registered participant studies what he wants, how he wants, when he wants.

In a symbiotic spirit, (intimate, lasting association between two heterospecific organisms), fractal activism, complementarity, economy of means, occupation of available beaches, openness to divergent methods, appeal to diversity , development of intrinsic motivations.

Administrative registration opens the doors to every entity that can be used, offered by the existing university system.

Buildings, furniture, labs, spaces, connections, knowledge and powers, the various classical faculties, are available to students of the variable faculty, wherever they are and in the ranges and modalities available.

The exam is an option agreed with the teacher concerned.

Reciprocal self-assessment, proofreading, putting knowledge into perspective, and outcomes rely on interdisciplinary networking, in particular through presentation and collaboration between people addressing similar issues from different angles.

A registration certificate is issued for any legal requirements.

An aggregation wiki admitting varying degrees of order of interaction deploys what each student and group does, writes, searches, finds, indicates.